Module 2 Reflection

Describe the tools you chose for this module (backchannel & bin), talk about what it was like to learn them, and then share a direct link to the Module 1 response document in your bin.

I must admit I was a bit skeptical about Voxer, but now that our team has formed and begun using it, I like it. It brings in the best of email, chat, and discussion forum to create a unique conversation tool. It wasn’t hard to install on both my phone and my desktop, and one glitch I had was instantly solved by a team member. After many online courses, it’s nice to actually hear the voices of those with whom I’m taking a class! I’m looking forward to using it more in this class, and I think it will also make a great tool for helping students and teachers remotely (one of the things I wrote as a concern in Module 1).

The bin was a piece of cake. I already had a Google Drive so I created and shared out a folder for JumpStart. Then our team leader created a Google Drive bin for all of us to share, so I moved my Module 1 document into that and deleted my personal one. It’s so handy to have the documents together there and to be able to add comments to the documents as I read them—it’s especially nice when others respond back. I’ve used other cloud storage tools, but Google is my favorite because it also has the document creation tools I often use and it works pretty seamlessly with Microsoft Office tools as well.

All in all, the first 2 “assignments” were pretty easy and enjoyable—a good beginning for a technology course. My Module 1 Task document is shared at this link:

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